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ElektroTools.de (http://www.elektrotools.de) is the store address for electrical equipment, household electronics and industrial supplies.

About us
elektrotools.de is one of the emerging online shops with the focus range electrical equipment. We want to reach customers around the world, both in the private sector (B2C, consumers), as well as businesses (B2B) and public institutions (B2G). Our product portfolio includes well known brands such as Busch & Jäger, Gira, Merten, Technisat, Spelsberg and many more.
elektrotools.de was founded in April 2010 by the directors of the AFB eSolutions GmbH & Co. KG Mr. André Fritsch in Homberg Ohm, in the Vogelsberg in Hesse. Back in 2007, the company established a successful online store www.shoppingpoint24.com. Meanwhile, the company consists of 10 employees, 2 trainees and 10 temporary employees. 2 employees have "plus Perspective 50" taken from the funding program, a program that older long-term unemployed offers a new perspective. Our goal is to secure these jobs and create more jobs through constant expansion to increase the product range and to offer our customers the widest selection of branded products.
Our intention is the shot together many manufacturers of branded products in the field of home and industrial electronics. Especially companies that want to re-enter into the field of e-commerce and use a large market, we want to reach and engage. But is important for us is also a connection to large, existing marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, ricardo, PIXplace / PIXmania, Gimahhot and Kauflux. In order to reach a wide audience, we maintain numerous partnerships that make sense complete our online marketing through Google Adwords and permanent search engine optimization.
elektrotools.de sets the highest standards of quality and service at fair prices. We take advantage of the Internet as an information, trading and communication platform to provide all the benefits resulting to our customers. We support our customers in choosing the products, the purchase decision of purchase, and of course after purchase. Customer satisfaction is the yardstick by which we measure ourselves.
Daily live shopping Actions, are highlights in our online shop and complete the whole very large and attractive offer.
In addition, AFB eSolutions offers manufacturers the opportunity through elektrotools.de distribute its own product line online. The power spectrum of the new full-service eCommerce includes all stages of B2C & B2B value chain, such as the use of various channels of distribution, warehousing and order picking, shipping, payment processing and collections, customer service, complaints and returns processing. Talk to us!

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