Fieldbus, decentr. periphery - power module, motor switch

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Supply voltage DC
Voltage type of supply voltage
Number of functions
Number of HW-interfaces industrial Ethernet
Number of HW-interfaces PROFINET
Number of HW-interfaces RS-232
Number of HW-interfaces RS-422
Number of HW-interfaces RS-485
Number of HW-interfaces serial TTY
Number of HW-interfaces parallel
Number of HW-interfaces Wireless
Number of HW-interfaces other
With optical interface
Supporting protocol for TCP/IP
Supporting protocol for PROFIBUS
Supporting protocol for CAN
Supporting protocol for INTERBUS
Supporting protocol for ASI
Supporting protocol for KNX
Supporting protocol for MODBUS
Supporting protocol for Data-Highway
Supporting protocol for DeviceNet
Supporting protocol for SUCONET
Supporting protocol for LON
Supporting protocol for PROFINET IO
Supporting protocol for PROFINET CBA
Supporting protocol for SERCOS
Supporting protocol for Foundation Fieldbus
Supporting protocol for EtherNet/IP
Supporting protocol for AS-Interface Safety at Work
Supporting protocol for DeviceNet Safety
Supporting protocol for INTERBUS-Safety
Supporting protocol for PROFIsafe
Supporting protocol for SafetyBUS p
Supporting protocol for other bus systems
Radio standard Bluetooth
Radio standard WLAN 802.11
Radio standard GPRS
Radio standard GSM
Radio standard UMTS
IO link master
System accessory
Suitable for counting
Suitable for weighting
Suitable for temperature control
Suitable for welding control
Suitable for pressure control
Suitable for NC
Function electronic positioning available
Suitable for CNC
Suitable for SSI
Suitable for incremental data detection
Suitable for detection absolute value
Flux controller possible
Suitable for flux measurement
Suitable for path controller
Suitable for cam controller
Suitable for flying saw
Suitable for multi-axis control
Single-axis controller possible
Suitable for multi-axis positioning
Single-axis positioning possible
Function block restart blockage
Function block automatic reset
Contactor control function block
Function block emergency stop
Function block contactless working protection installation
Function block affirm pushbutton
Function block 2-hand switching
Function block operating mode selection
Function block acces control
Degree of protection (IP)
Fieldbus connection over separate bus coupler possible
Frequency measurement
Rail mounting possible
Wall mounting/direct mounting
Front build in possible
Rack-assembly possible
Suitable for safety functions
Appendant operation agent (Ex ia)
Appendant operation agent (Ex ib)
Explosion safety category for gas
Explosion safety category for dust
Fieldbus, decentr. periphery - power module, motor switch  750-6

Fieldbus, decentr. periphery - power module, motor switch 750-6

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